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    Decking the Halls with DIY Ornaments

    Crisp winter air and the sparkle of Christmas lights in the evening are signs that the holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time to deck out the halls with Christmas ornaments. Many fun and personalized ornaments can be easily made and with very little cost.  Also, handmade ornaments can make for easy and relatively inexpensive personalized gifts that anyone’s loved ones would love to receive.


    With some basic crafting supplies there are endless ornament ideas that can be classy and not cheesy.  Basic clear ornaments can be purchased and then decorated to match personal style and décor themes.


    Clear ornaments can be filled with endless materials, many of which can be find around the house. Ribbon, sparkles, yarn, nail polish, pompoms, garland and candies can all be used to create fun and unique ornaments.


    Felt is inexpensive and can be transformed into many different fun and cute ornaments.  Cute woodland creates, smiley bacon stripes, snowflakes, Christmas trees, and retro ornaments can be made from cutting and gluing simple patterned felt pieces together.  Similarly, thin slices from a wooden log can be customized with monograms or 3 strung together create an adorably easy snowman.

    Old broken light bulbs can be painted into glittery snowman or fun penguins. Mason jar lids can be wrapped in yarn to make seasonal wreaths. Popsicle sticks can be glued together to make adorable wooden sleds.  Wine corks can be saved and crafted into snowflakes. Decorative papers can be turned into delicate orb ornaments, or crafted into delicate origami shapes.  Beads and wire can be used to create delicate snowflakes.


    Also a simple but elegant monogram is an easy way to personalize any ornament. Sharpie marker on a clear ornament is an easy place to start. Puffy paint can also be used to elevate any basic ornaments with a personalized touch.


    Salt dough can also be made from a few common ingredients and shaped into any design either by cookie cutters or hand sculpting. Gingerbread ornaments can be similarly created and the classic recipe will add that familiar holiday scent to any space.

    Check out our Pinterest board, “Deck the Halls with DIY Ornaments” here for more ideas and inspiration.



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