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    Hacks: 20 Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle like New

    Here are some great hacks for cleaning any living space.  Perfect for landlords wanting to show the property in the best light or for tenants to make sure they get every cent of their security deposit back.  Most of these tips utilize many common household items, which helps keep that budget low.


    #1: Make Your Oven Look Crystal Clean

    1. Create a paste of baking soda and water in a bowl; mix in roughly 1:1 ratio, with slightly less water
    2. Apply the paste in a layer to the entire oven, including the inside glass and racks
    3. Apply the paste in thicker layers to the grimy and baked on messes
    4. Cook the paste at 215°F or 100°C for approximately 40 minutes
    5. Once the oven has cooled enough to be touched, but is still warm, easily wipe away the gunk with a rag and warm water
    6. You should be left with an oven possibly even cleaner than brand new!

    #2: Did You Get New Stainless Steel Appliances?

    1. Remove fingerprints and scuffs from stainless steel appliances with a damp rag dipped in Cream of Tartar
    2. This will make your appliances shine like new again. Try it on your faucet and toaster, too!

    #3: Make Your Dishwasher Work like New!

    1. Dust baking soda over the inside of the dishwasher
    2. Fill a dishwasher-safe cup full with white vinegar and place right ways up on top shelf
    3. Start the dishwasher and run a full hot cycle without pods or detergent
    4. Remove the cup and run the same hot water cycle again without any pod or detergent
    5. This not only removes gunk in hidden places, such as propeller blades and the dish rack, but also removes any unpleasant stale smells

    #4: Remove Kitchen Smells and Sink Drainage Problems

    1. Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain of a stinky or clogged sink; try to get it all down the drain
    2. Follow with 1 cup of white vinegar and listen to it sizzle
    3. Wait 20 minutes, then fill drain with large slices of lemon and pour hot or boiling water over lemons in a constant stream for a couple minutes
    4. You may need to rub away stubborn gunk with a sponge or dirty toothbrush
    5. You should be left with a clean and de-clogged sink!

    Living Room

    #5: Get Your Carpets Spotless Again

    1. Dissolve 2 tsp of salt in ½ cup of vinegar
    2. Dampen an old rag in the salt-vinegar mixture and soak the unsightly spot(s)
    3. Plug in an iron and heat the top of the vinegar-soaked rag over the spot for a couple moments
    4. The salt and vinegar and dirt mixture should lift or dissolve easily
    5. Once the carpet is dry vacuum as usual
    6. Marvel at how clean your carpet has been under that dirt all this time

    #6: The Easy, Quick Fix for Furniture-Flattened Carpets

    1. Let ice cubes melt on flattened carpeted areas
    2. Once the carpet has dried vacuum as usual
    3. Your carpets will look like they don’t know what heavy furniture is!

    #7: Nail Hole-Free Walls in Seconds

    1. Scrape a bar of white bar soap over nail holes to make them instantly disappear
    2. Buff away excess soap with your finger or a rag
    3. Say goodbye to any evidence you had pictures hanging or TVs mounted

    #8: Clean Dirty Baseboards

    1. Use dryer sheets to wipe up dirt and dust on baseboards
    2. Wax from the dryer sheet will deposit to resist future gunk
    3. This immediately makes the room look cleaner with very little effort

    #9: Bye-Bye Pet Hair

    1. Dampen a rubber glove, ones with textured bumps on the palm work the best
    2. Gently rub in circular motions any furniture or carpeted areas where pet hair has accumulated
    3. Watch as the pet hair easily rubs away, leaving clean carpet/fabric behind

    #10: Clean Blinds in Double Time with Half the Work

    1. Apply two separate washcloths to each side of the tongs, use an elastic band to attach each washcloth securely
    2. Gently clamp the blind between two washcloth-covered tongs; clean both sides at once
    3. Instantly brighten up your space and reduce dust mites with this simple cleaning hack


    #11: Magically Erase Grout Stains

    1. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and some elbow grease to eliminate stubborn grout stains
    2. Alternately, use a bleach pen on grout stains

    #12: Remove Shower Buildup with Vinegar

    1. Fill a plastic baggie with vinegar
    2. Fully submerge the showerhead with the baggie and tie off with an elastic band
    3. Let soak for 2 hours then gently rub away hard water residue

    #13: Make Faucets Lemon-y Clean

    1. Rub the pulpy half of a lemon against the faucet
    2. Rinse off pulp and all the water buildup
    3. Finally, use wax paper to “splash proof” them and keep them shiny

    #14: Get a Squeaky Clean Toilet Bowl

    1. Lift the lid and the seat off the toilet
    2. Pour a can of Coca-Cola around the inside lip of the toilet bowl
    3. Leave it to rest for 30 minutes before flushing
    4. You’ll be left with a shiny, clean porcelain throne

    #15: Brighten Your Shower Liner Curtain

    1. Remove your shower liner from the curtain rod
    2. Place into an empty washing machine
    3. Sprinkle liberally with baking soda and wash on hot, fast cycle
    4. Enjoy the look of a brighter, cleaner shower

    #16: Remove Dust Mites from the Air


    1. Spray canned, pressurized air into the exhaust fan
    2. Sweep dust and debris off the floor


    #17: Tackle Greasy Messes

    1. Apply rubbing alcohol to greasy stains
    2. Gently rub away the grease from fabrics and countertops alike
    3. Admire your grease-free living space

    #18: Clean Window Tracks

    1. Dip a used toothbrush in vinegar and scrub the window track
    2. Use a q-tip for harder to reach areas
    3. Enjoy opening and closing your windows more easily, with no squeaking noises

    #19: Makeshift a Vacuum Nozzle for Nooks and Crannies

    1. Pinch the end of an empty toilet paper roll
    2. Attach other end to the vacuum cleaner and keep in place with an elastic band
    3. Clean those hard to reach places (or attach panty hose to pinched end and search for lost jewelry)

    #20: Buff Floor Scuffs

    1. Erase scuffs from linoleum or tile flooring with WD-40 on a rag
    2. Rub gently on scuffs until they lift
    3. Polish floor with a clean rag and admire your clean, scruff-free floor
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