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    Haunted Properties: How to Know and What to do!

    Ever get that eerie sensation you are being watch? Or the unexpected chill that leaves your body hair standing on end? Ever find your kitchen cupboards are wide open when you specifically left them closed? Then maybe, just maybe your house is haunted.

    Is it a ghost?

    The first step to ridding your house of unwelcome spirits is to confirm that the property is indeed haunted. There are a few boxes that should be checked off before you can be certain.

    First, make sure that you have eliminated all earthly explanations. Banging pipes, call a plumber to check them out.  A door that keeps closing itself, call a carpenter.  Strange noises in the vents, call an air duct specialist.

    These specialists will be able to de-funk any earthly factors contributing to your supernatural haunting, and they can fix those clanging pipes or stop that creeping humming in the process so now maybe you can finally get restful sleep.  However, if they can’t find anything wrong, you are one step closer to confirming that your property is indeed haunted but something not of this world.

    old house

    One of the easiest way to verify that you place of residence is haunted is to have someone else corroborate your suspicions. By hearing what you hear, or seeing what you see, you know that it is all not just in your head and there is indeed something extra-ordinary going on.  However, if you don’t have a friend willing to ghost hunt with you, use modern technology in your favor and try to get your paranormal experience caught on film.*

    Now, if you don’t have any friends (or friends willing to ghost hunt, more specifically) and aren’t a skilled photographer, but are still utterly convinced your residence is haunted, then it might be worth bringing in an expert on the paranormal. Alternatively, check out the latest ghost hunting app for a more budget friendly solution. (Not even kidding, this is a real thing!)

    Please note that if your suspicious are not confirmed by a second party, we recommend getting a psychiatric evaluation. This does not mean your property isn’t haunted, just a good idea to make sure the whispering voice aren’t coming from inside your own head.

    Types of ghost and spirits

    Once the haunting has been confirmed, the next step would be to determine the type of haunting that is occurring as there are 6 different types of paranormal spirits and the type of spirit determines where to start when ridding your residence of the unwanted guest. The 6 types:  Intelligent Ghosts, Residual Ghosts, Poltergeist, Demonic Spirits, Elementals, Angels/Spirit Guides.  We will focus specifically on the first 4 types as they would be the most common to want to remove from your home.

    ghost spirit

    How to get rid of your ghostly guest

    Now that we have determined the type of ghost, it’s now time to give them the boot. For intelligent or residual ghosts, the first step is to ask the ghost kindly but firmly to leave. This may seem simple, but most ghosts just want their presence to be acknowledged and speaking aloud to them does this. If the ghost is unable to leave this world after you have acknowledged their presence, you have opened the lines of communication so you may now be able to assist the ghost in getting closure and crossing over. A séance or Ouija board might be useful in communicating with the ghost and finding out what it is that is holding them back from moving on.

    tarot cards

    For those more aggressive ghosts that can’t seem to take a hint, an exorcism might just be necessary. Different religions and cultures have different rituals for releasing ghosts from their bondage in our dimension, so if the tradition Christian exorcism doesn’t fit your need or beliefs, there are other cultural views to consider. Hinduism, Jewish and Native America cultures all have ceremonies for banishing spirits.  It’s smart to consult your local spiritual authority to assist with your ghost banishing.

    Once the spirit has left either by request, crossed over or was banished, it’s important to cleanse the energy of the house. One of the most common methods of cleansing a residence of negative energy is smudging.

    smudge stick and dream catcher

    Smudging is a Native American spiritual tradition where dried sage and cedar is burnt. The burning is said to cleanse the negative energy away. Alternatively, the ringing of a bell is said to break up negative energy and encourage positive energy. However, this process needs to be repeated to ensure all the negative energy is truly gone. Lastly, the negative energy needs to be removed from the property physically and this is done with a thorough cleaning of the home. Cleanliness discourages negative energy from returning and gives the feeling of a fresh start.

    With a newly cleaned house that’s now paranormal free, it’s time to put your feet up and finally enjoy the quiet of a non-haunted house.

    For more information, check out these great resources:

    *Or more correctly, digitally, because let’s be honest, you would probably most likely just use the digital camera on your cell phone.

    Have your ever experienced anything spooky? Share your haunted house story with us in the comments!

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