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    Holly Jolly Holiday DIY Decor

    by ProFlowers is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    December is here and so is the holiday cheer.  With the spirit of the holidays in the air, it’s time to add a little cheer and sparkle to your residence. Budget and security deposit need not be sacrificed to add to the necessary festive vibe to your home.

    Wreaths, center pieces, garland and season wall hangings are easy places to start bring in that seasonal cheer.  Santa, reindeer, snowman, snowflakes and Christmas trees are know to bring a on a smile.


    Popsicle sticks can be crafted into large snowflakes and hung on your wall to create a fun and seasonal motif.  Wrapping empty pizza boxes in Christmas wrapping is another easy way to add cheer without the need to purchase any supplies beyond the usual gift wrapping needs and the pizza box. But honestly, who really needs an excuse to eat some pizza?

    Paper snowflakes are classic and can be used to create an indoor snow blizzard when dangled in large numbers from the ceiling. They can be hung from mantels, railings or hung above dinner tables. When applied to windows they add a festive vibe for only the cost of a few sheets of papers or some spare coffee filters.  Many fun and intricate snowflakes patterns are available.

    Seasonal wreaths can be made from many household items. Tin cans, ribbons, burlap and pinecones the match your sense of style can be strung on a wire or glued to a wreath frame to form a personalized decoration that can be used season after season.  Ribbons or burlap can be tied to a wreath base. With added small details such as a red nose and antlers on a burlap base, the basic wreath is turned into something cheerful and festive.


    Center pieces can also be easily created from common items. Painted or glittered covered pinecones in a vase or displayed with on a decorative plate can make any coffee or side table more cheerful. Fun and playful snow globes or terrariums can be placed on any surface to add a touch of winter whimsy. Mini trees from the dollar store, fake snow and a toy car or figurine placed in a glass contain makes a charming topper for any surface. Or get ambitious and create your own mason jar snow globe.


    Theses are just a few ideas of where you could begin spreading the seasonal cheer in your home. The skill level and budget need not be high to create something fun but a festive mood and positive attitude will go a long way with any DYI project.


    For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board “Holly Jolly Holiday DIY Décor” here.

    Also, stay tuned for next week’s blog post, “Decking out the Season with DIY Ornaments.”

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