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    How to Zombie Proof Your Life for the Apocalypse

    You knew this day would come. The zombie apocalypse is here! The walking dead isn’t just a television show anymore. Are you ready? Do you know how to survive?

    We have put together some helpful tips to help you survive the soon to be upon us zombie invasion. Shelter, water, food and weapons are crucially important if you are planning on surviving the apocalypse and the best place to start your dooms day prepping



    When the zombies come it’s important to be able to find a safe place to reside whether you already have a home base or are on the run and needing to find a safe place to rest your eyes. There are 3 main options to consider when looking for that safe place to breathe. They are: below ground, above ground, or on some form of an island.

    Taking pointers from Batman, most bomb shelters are buried underground and have secret passage ways to gain access. By burying the shelter underground, with no exposed windows and hidden entry points, it’s very unlikely that the brain dead zombies will be clever enough to find your hide out. Also, the amount of living space possible below ground level is unlimited, you are able to live well and comfortably. Have marble staircases and chandeliers if you want. Underground allows you to get comfortable, so comfortable that you might even forgot about those brain eating monsters stumbling around up on ground level terrorizing your neighbours.

    As zombies are not known for their coordination or their ability to climb ladders or stairs, building above ground is using this to the human advantage. Bring your childhood dreams to life by living high up in a tree house and safe out of zombie reach. With retractable ladders as the only ways in or out, you can feel safe and hidden as a swarm of zombies crash about down below. Just try not to chuckle when a zombie trips on a tree root as it’s best not to draw the attention of the zombie crowd.

    No man is an island, but an island is a great place for man to hide from the undead. Be it a real island that you can only access by way of boat or a self made moot meant to trap the zombies before they get to your front door, it’s all about isolation.

    If these  three options aren’t feasible for you, then the next best option is to make sure that your place of residence is best secured against zombies. This is done by making sure you have the best windows, doors and locks to keeps those zombies from crashing your party.  Steel doors with bar locks are the best options for securing your residence. Iron bars are the best way to secure you windows and blackout curtains help eliminate a unwanted raid by other humans for your supplies. Tempered glass is the best choice for window glass as it is stronger than normal glass and when broken it breaks into non-sharp cubes that won’t leave you bleeding if one must make a quick escape thru the window.


    faucet poring water

    Water is one of the most important resources as no human can go more than 3 days without it.  Now given the right environment and weather condition, water may not be difficult to come across but is it drinkable? Many water sources are contaminated with harmful bacteria that leave you worse off than a little thirst. Learning how to purify water is crucial to survival.  Iodine tablets are one of the best way to kill any bacteria and as a tablet they are easily stored for a long time and are super transportable.

    Boiling or treating with UV are also easy ways to remove bacteria. However, none of these methods will remove any physical debris from the water. Distilling water is the best way to remove the physical gunk and kill the bacteria in one go. Otherwise, a DYI water filter and a bacterial killing step is required to get the safe to drink crystal clear that is so important to survival.


    canned food

    When creating your survival stockpile, it’s important to think about the number and gender of the people you are stockpiling food for. As men typically require more calories to maintain their weight, they will require slightly higher portion sizes to prevent the risk of losing weight. A minimum calorie diet for men is 1500 calories, for women it’s 1200. To maintain current weight, men require 2000-3000 calories where as women require 1600-2400 calories.  Similarly, adult men and women will require more calories than children to survive.

    When creating your food stock pile, it’s important to think about foods that are both nutritious and have a long shelves life. Peanut butter, freezer dried and canned soups, chillis and vegetables are where it’s at. Rice, grains or other foods that can be stored at room temper for long periods of time will be the go too.  Jerkies and other preserved foods will have extended shelve lives if stored in a cold, dry space such as a cellar or cold room.  Canned meats are also an option, if you’re into spam or anchovies

    It’s a good idea to stock up on multivitamins and any medications, as vitamins will become essential after a longer period of time and it’s doubtful your local pharmacy will be open for prescription refills.

    Lastly, alcohol. Not only is it an excellent disinfectant but a nice stiff drink will be more then welcome after any close encounter with a zombie or if you  get super bored putzing about your super safe house. Alcohol is also flammable, for easy fire starting or making explosive weapons, and will likely become a form of currency during the zombie ridden time.


    man fighting zombie

    Even though a face to face encounter with a zombie is very much unwelcome, the probability it will occur is extremely high so it is always best to be prepared. As most zombies only require a solid blow to the head to go down, it’s important to choose a weapon that you can comfortably wield and do as much damage to the head as possible. A crowbar, axe and golf club are great for those close combat situations and require no reload so you can easily keep swinging. Shot guns are great for mid range due to their large impact radius. When aimed correctly, a rifle can take a zombie down with a single shot to the head. However, a gun is useless without ammo, so it’s import to stock up on ammunition of all kinds and make sure to reload whenever possible.  Ammo will most likely become a form of currency, so even if you may not have the right gun for the bullets, it’s worth holding onto for bartering purposes at a later date.

    Honorable Mention

    duct tape roll


    Duct tape is so multi-purpose (it’s like the force; with a light side and a dark side, it holds the universe together) and that won’t change when the apocalypse comes. Duct tape can be used to create ropes, bandages, cups, handcuffs and to re-seal food packages. The possibilities are endless, so it’s useful to keep the problem solving multi-tasker around in bulk quantities.

    Tarps are great for impromptu shelter or water proofing any of your supplies.  Blankets are great for keeping warm on cold nights but can be used for bandages, slings and ropes.

    person in abandoned building

    The most important step to surviving the apocalypse is to start prepping. The sooner you do, the more prepared you will be and your chances of survival increases with a well thought out survival plan.

    So hopefully our advice helps and here’s to hoping we survive and meet in the zombie free post-apocalypse world.

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