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    Prepping For Santa Part 1

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    With the halls and the tree all decorated with seasonal cheers, it’s time to find a place to hang those stockings so Santa can fill them with goodies.  For all those renters who aren’t lucky enough to have a real fireplace mantel, there are many creative ideas as to where you could hang your stocking.

    If there is some space left after the tree has been set, you could consider making a faux fireplace from cardboard. A few strategically used cardboard boxes and some paint can create fun and festive fake fireplaces to add that holiday whimsy and give Santa a magical place to shimmy on down and deliver those parcels.


    Also for those who are handy, or know some helpful wood carving elves, there are many options to construction faux mantels. Pallets, old picture frames or scrap wood can be used to build faux fireplace mantels.


    Alternatively, if you are short on space or skills, there are many options that don’t require a hammer and saw. A clever canvas could be painted to resemble a fireplace and mantel. Also, you could create a faux mantel using an existing shelf as the mantel. Decorate the shelf up real festive and hang those stockings from the shelf that will support a filled to the brim stocking.


    A creative use of existing shelving could be used to create an interesting and unique fake mantel.  Also a few side tables moved together or a bookcase could work as creative mantel options. Staircases or kitchen counters also can be used as make-do mantels and are a great place to hang those filled to the overflowing with awesomeness stockings.

    Check out our Pinterest page here for more tips and ideas on how to Prep for Santa with Christmas Mantel inspirations and more faux mantel ideas and directions.


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