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    Prepping for Santa Part 2

    With Santa almost here and those reindeer are only hours from landing on your roof, it’s time to make sure that there is a treat waiting for him once he shimmies on down that chimney.


    There are some many fun and easy holiday treats that are sure to impress even the toughest of cookie critics. Reindeer, snowman, Christmas trees and Santa are always fun and there are so many options available with just a little creativity. Best of all, there are many options that don’t require any cooking or baking skills.

    Dipping pre-made cookies or marshmallows into chocolate and then decorating with pretzels and a red candy to make adorable Rudolph treats. Similarly, using white chocolate and an orange candy allows you to create an instant snowman. Strawberries can be turned into Santa’s hats and placed on top of any cupcakes or cookies to add that festive cheer.


    Sugar cookies are relatively easy to bake and super fun to decorate. With some royal icing and a few different food colors, the decorated cookie creations are unlimited. Christmas trees, candy canes, ornaments and snowflakes are just the beginning of possible Christmas cookie cheer that can be created.


    Gingerbread is definitely a seasonal treat but can be a little more difficult to perfect. However, for those skilled or overly ambitious, gingerbread can be amazing when done correctly. Using icing, sprinkles and candy, little gingerbread men in ugly Christmas sweaters would be fun to decorate.


    With cookies ready and the glass of cold milk waiting, it’s best not to forget Prancer, Dancer or Rudolph as they are working hard flying around the globe. A classic carrot would be appreciated, but some reindeer trail mix would be a delightful surprise. Popcorn, Chexs, marshmallows and candies are crucial components to reindeer food.

    For more ideas and inspiration check out our Pinterest board “Prepping for Santa Part 2” here.


    Whatever treats you decide to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve, he is bound to enjoy and hopefully only leaves cookie crumbs and presents behind.  Whatever your family traditions or how you celebrate this holiday season, we at RentHello want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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