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    Winter Blues Go Away!

    Having just passed the midpoint of winter, the winter blues are running rampant for many. The short days and the cold, leave many people lusting for those warm summer days.  We’ve put a few tips and tricks together to help combat those winter blues.

    Many experience the winter blues due to the lack of sunshine in the cold cloudy months of winter.  An artificial light can be used to simulate the sun’s natural rays. A light box can be used to extend the days. 30 minutes to 2 hours of exposure daily will offer the best results. However, these lights can be expensive and only in some cases they will be covered by health insurance.  In a budget pinch, a tanning bed used for 5 minutes can achieve the same effect.


    “Winterfenster” by jo_web is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Certain alarm clocks are actually designed to slowly brighten 30 minutes prior to your alarm. This gives that artificial senses of slowly being woken by the sun and makes getting up on those dark mornings much easier.  A lamp on a timer can create a similar effect at a much more wallet friendly price. Even the simple habit of opening curtains and letting the natural light into the house can help keeps those winter blues away. Trim any branches that are blocking your windows to help let even more light in!

    Getting outside can be tough to do, special when the temperature really drops, but the fresh air and movement are excellent at keeps those blues at bay. A quick trip around the block to get some fresh air and exercise is another simple trick.

    If a stroll around the block doesn’t do it for you, try a winter specific activity such as ice skating, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. These actives get you active, which is another great getaway to beat the blues, but also give you an activity to enjoy and look forward to in those colder months. Make sure to bundle up, call some friends  over and build a snowman, have a snowball fight or go sledding, as you’re never too old to have some fun in the snow.


    “Snowman” by Matt is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Most people tend to want to stay in their homes and are less likely to attend social gatherings in the gloomy January month with the not so pleasant road conditions. However, keeping social is another way to keep you happy during the winter months and who doesn’t enjoy spending time with those people you like best and who make you laugh hardest. Group outdoor activities for the adventuresome or an evening of board games for those homebodies.

    Now if these tips and tricks aren’t enough, planning a sunny vacation might be just what the doctor prescribes. However, trips to sunny destinations can be costly and hard to management on a student’s budget, but even just planning a trip can help.  Picking a destination, choosing activities and imagining how the days will be spent is almost as good as the actually vacation. Almost.


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