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    Protecting Your Contact Information Online

    Protecting your personal contact information becomes more and more important with every passing year as scammers are finding more advanced ways of working the system. As landlords listing rental information online, potential tenant do need to be able to contact you. So how do you share your information but protect it at the same time?

    We have designed our Rental Listings template with protecting your information in mind.

    When you are creating your listing, you as the landlord have full control over what contact information you include. It does default to the information provided in your landlord profile. However, by selecting “Add Alternate Contact” you are able to set up an alternate contact with whatever contact information you wish such as a specific email or number you want potential tenants to contact you thru.

    To further protect your identity we actually never display your contact email. Any potential tenants that choose to contact the landlord by email sends a request thru a contact form displayed with your listing. This means that your email is never available for scammers or bots to get, and in turn, overwhelm you with unwanted and unsolicited emails.

    When it comes to phone numbers it is a little trickier. Many potential tenants prefer to make contact by phone or text, and this means a number does need to be displayed. However, the phone number is only ever displayed once a potential tenant has clicked into the listing for more information and then selected, “Contact Landlord for Details”. At this time, the selected telephone number will be displayed and ideally the tenant follows thru and contacts the landlord.

    Once a listing has been marked as rented, the contact information on your listing is no longer made available. This means that as a landlord, you are not further inundated with unwanted/unnecessary calls or emails.

    Many landlords do decide to include their contact information within the description, which you are more then welcome to. However, when doing so you lose the layers of security we have designed to protect your personal information. An important thing to remember when posting anything online is that once it’s on the internet it may be impossible to completely erase. Information is often proliferated through social media and search engine such Google and may outlive your rental listing. So please be wise when it comes to your personal contact information. Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back.

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