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    Why Rent to Students?

    A huge part of the Rent Hello network is our Off-Campus Housing specific sites where we focus on connecting students with landlords. We have chosen to focus on the student market, as we do believe that students make excellent tenants. But why you may ask.

    As many universities and colleges are experiencing housing crisis, where we are seeing many schools that can barely provide housing for their freshman much less their higher classmen. This means that most of these students are required to fend for themselves and find their own housing, leaving a huge demand for safe and affordable housing for these students.

    And as most students are in programs that require multiple years of schooling, these students tend to need to find housing for the length of their program and that means returning tenants and extended lease, which is always great for any landlord.

    Now some landlords may be tentative as they are concerned about rowdy students that are ready to break free and party hard.

    Yes, some students are excited to leave home for the first time and break free of parental control. However, don’t let those few partying seeds reflect on the whole, as the majority of students are focused on their studies and simply need a quiet place to study and rest from the chaos of their post-secondary education. By providing this haven to students, a landlord is contributing to the betterment of society and helping a student achieve their educational dreams. Money in the bank and the warm and fuzzies, that’s a double win if you ask us!

    Lastly, with each new semester comes new students and this means there is a constant flow of students needing housing. With a rental market that is constantly in demand, the smart landlord would take advantage and consider renting to students.

    These are just a few reasons as to why we think students make a great option for landlords looking to rent their property.

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