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    Dreamy Dorm Decor

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    Back to school season is here, and many freshmen are heading off to university and into dorms for their first time.

    Dorms where such an exciting idea as a kid, but in reality, dormitories are notoriously dreary, small, white boxes that don’t inspiration much creativity or much of anything, and that’s not going to help write those university papers!

    A little bit of décor goes a long way breaking up the dorm monotony and making the cookie cutter dorm feel more homey and much more inspiring.

    One of the most common trends popping up this back to school season is wall tapestry, specifically Mandala patterned tapestries. These are a great way to add color to the space without causing any permanent damage to the dorm walls. A few tacks, some fabric, and voila, the boring white box is broken up and the dorm room is changed into a boho-chic flat instantly.

    Boho-chic may not your style, but there are many different style of tapestries available and the style options are unlimited. Fun fabrics or shower curtains can also be used as budget friendly tapestries. Also, with many free printables available on-line, a custom gallery wall can easily come together to highlight ones personal style. Modern and contemporary or rustic and homey, there is wall art that will suit your personal style.

    “how to make a spiral macrame wall hanging” by Geneva Vanderzeil apairandasparediy.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Like tapestries, 70’s macramé and string art are making a comeback, but with modern décor senses. A simple branch and some colorful string can make a beautiful headboard or wall art. The best part about string wall art and macramé is that they can be mastered by anyone who can try a knot! Picking out threads in your favorite colors is an easy place to start decorating your room.

    Another staple in dorm room décor is twinkle lights.

    Twinkle lights.

    Twinkle lights!

    “View of my bedroom window with fairy lights” by troykelly is licensed under CC BY 2.0


    Who doesn’t love twinkle lights? Like, seriously?

    They are a relatively inexpensive way to add character to any room. Just simple strung along a wall for mood lighting during well-deserved study breaks, or used strategically to create something truly unique. Ping pong balls placed over individual twinkle lights, can up the cool factor of the lights. To use the twinkle lights a bit more creatively, mix with fabrics to create personalized bed canopies.

    Twinkle lights can also be used to create photo galleries by suspending photos from the twinkle lights cord by cloths pins. This can create customized photo galleries that bring ambiance to any space. Also, but using clothes pins to hang the photos from the cord, less damage is done to the walls and take down is relatively easy. Clothing pins and twine are budget and security deposit friendly way to display photos. Plus, the photos can be easily swapped out, so new memories can be added to the collage with ease.

    For more inspiration on dorm decor and different macramé wall art or patterns, check out our Pinterest page here or check out past blogs about making a rental space homey.

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