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    Hacks: Moving Made Easy

    Packing is a known nightmare, but we hope these helpful hacks will making moving easy (or easier at the very least!)

    #1: Purge With the Sell, Donate or Toss Method

    By using the Sell, Donate or Toss method you’re effectively killing two birds with one stone. Not only are you reducing the amount of chaos and clutter, you’re also effectively reducing the number of items you need to move. Plus, if you’re able to sell anything you’re also bringing in money to offset your moving costs! See a more detailed description of the Sell, Donate or Toss method here.

    #2: Label Boxes in Detail

    Creating a detailed labeling system will increase your organization and unpacking productivity. This ensures boxes are packed, moved and unpacked by room; meaning all boxes end up where they belong and are filled with relevant items for that room. Further, if a box goes missing this labeling system helps to indicate which box has been lost and what it contained. Lastly, this method prevents a long disorganized search—you’ll know exactly which series of boxes to look in for any given item.

    #3: Unpack and Assemble Beds First, Kitchen Second

    You will inevitably need a place to sleep tonight and it is in your best interest to make your first night’s sleep in your new place as comfortable as possible. You will be tired after a full day of moving!
    The kitchen is equally important, especially if you have any perishables. You’ll also need to eat after a hard day of laboring to move house, so get the kitchen set up for use as soon as possible.

    #4: Pack a First Night Box and an Unpacking Box

    Packing a First Night and Unpacking Box will save you the time and the hassle of searching through numerous boxes to find the items you need. Click here to see a more detailed list of items to include in a First Night Box and an Unpacking Box.

    #5: Packing Hacks – Pack Smarter not Harder

    #6: Quick Fix Hacks – Solve Problems Before They Arise

    #7: Smart Moving Investments

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