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    How to: Have A Successful Move… Every Single Time!

    Moving can be stressful, and that’s a fact—first you have to find the ideal place to move, then comes the painstaking organizing and the dreadful packing. A lot of planning, multitasking and effort go into each move; and as much as moving can be awful, there are ways to make it relatively stress-free and a far less painful experience.
    We’ve compiled the most useful pieces of renter’s advice we could find and created a comprehensive list to have a successful move….every time.

    1: Purge

    One of the most stressful things about moving is the chaotic mess it causes. Our number one suggestion to reduce moving stress is to purge your junk. This will the first step before you even start packing! You’ll be surprised by how much junk you don’t use, need or want anymore. Clear clutter by creating three junk piles: sell, donate and toss.
    The “sell” pile is for valuable or expensive items you can get some money back on. This is a great way to supplement your (unexpected) moving costs. Take pictures of the items in your “sell” pile and advertise them on sites like Craigslist, eBay or Facebook, or alternately host a yard sale.
    The “donate” pile is for items that you don’t use or want anymore, but someone else might need. Think items like clothing, unwanted furniture and forgotten books. Feel good about giving back by donating to a charity, or brighten someone’s day by giving your hand-me-downs to a friend or family member.
    The “toss” pile is pretty self-explanatory. This pile is for things you’d be embarrassed to donate, or a thrift store wouldn’t accept. You know what we’re talking about.
    Congratulations! You’ve successfully purged and downsized the chaos. We bet you got rid of more than expected. Want to know the unexpected benefit of purging? You now have less stuff to box up and move!
    Now all the clutter that’s left is the food in your fridge and pantry. Eat as much as possible before the move and try not to purchase anything that is not crucial.

    #2: Create a Moving Calendar

    Create a moving calendar before the moving stress hits. This will save you a lot of time (and possibly money) in the long run. Detail and outline key dates and details in one place so you aren’t looking for them later. Make a plan on your calendar and figure out timelines in advance.
    Here are some beneficial things to add to your moving calendar:

    #3: Collect Boxes

    Moving materials can be expensive—but there are ways to get boxes for cheap or even free! Decrease your moving costs by accumulating boxes at every opportunity. Call every store that comes to mind about a week before your move. Art supply stores, grocery stores, department stores, furniture stores—they all get their supplies in boxes, and they might be willing to part with them for free rather than recycling or trashing them.
    Start collecting boxes (and other moving supplies) early, and get more than you think you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than running out of boxes in the middle of packing and having to stop packing to hunt down more boxes. That’s totally going to mess with your packing groove!

    #4: Skip Bubble Wrap and Newspaper

    We know how this sounds; it sounds crazy. But we’re about to save you time and money with this secret moving trick. Replace bubble wrap and newspaper between breakables with thin clothing like T-shirts, socks and skirts or scarves.
    Not only does this trick eliminate spending time and money investing in newspaper and bubble wrap, but you’re also packing clothing in with your breakables—and who doesn’t like hitting two birds with one stone?

    #5: Organize by Rooms and Label Boxes

    Keep like things together when you pack your boxes. We suggest combining similar items in the same box, such as organizing pots and pans with baking dishes. By organizing in this manner you’ll make it much easier and less chaotic to unpack and organize your rooms in the future.
    Be sure to label each box by room and general description, like: kitchen – cooking equipment. Also be sure to number your boxes and keep a list for your records (box 301 – Steve’s comics), just in case that box of your favorite superhero paraphernalia goes “missing.”

    #6: Pack an Unpacking Box

    This moving hack is sure to speed up your unpacking process by eliminating the stressful search for tools.
    If you collect a bunch of equipment to streamline your move-in, you’re going to seriously decrease your stress levels. Try using a large, clear Tupperware container for this unpacking kit so you can see everything in it. Pack scissors, a box cutter, a hammer, tape, a duster or cloth, a screwdriver (and bits) and other supplemental tools in this container. You can use these tools to open boxes and put furniture back together once you’re in your new home.

    #7: Pack a ‘Smart Box’

    The overnight bag: good for out-of-town trips, camping and moving house.
    Having an overnight bag is going to make your life so much easier while you’re moving. We pretty much guarantee the long hours and physical activity required to move is going to exhaust you. You won’t want to search for things like a toothbrush before crawling into bed. That’s why this moving hack is so handy.
    Pack things like:

    #8: Keep Water and Food Available

    This is a particularly useful tip. Moving is physically demanding and you’re going to get thirty…and very hungry!
    You should have power regardless of whether you’ve switched your utilities over to your new address (but if you followed #2, you definitely will). Keep a flat of bottled water in your fridge to stay cool and properly hydrate your movers or friends as needed.

    Consider buying a flat of beer to drink with your friends or family at the end of the day. They deserve it!
    You will be expected to feed the people who help you move, especially if you ask friends or family. While movers will appreciate food, they’re more likely to expect a tip. It is much easier to order a couple of pizzas for lunch than to keep other foods available all day long. You can often find great deals on pizza if you order ahead of time and ask for pizza to be delivered to your new address at a specific time.

    #9: Pack Clothing Wisely

    There is no reason you need to pack folded clothing into boxes or take clothes off their hangers. Save yourself time and space by leaving folded clothes in their drawers and just taping the doors closed. Likewise, don’t waste time by taking your clothes off the hanger.
    Try this instead:

    #10: Play Moving Tetris to Avoid Breakage

    Remember this key piece of info next time you move: boxes break.
    Avoid broken boxes, a big mess and lots of frustration by placing very heavy items (like books) into a suitcase. A heavy suitcase can be wheeled around which means no moving injuries or broken boxes!
    On the other hand you probably have a limited amount of space in your moving van. Use this space in your moving van or friend’s truck effectively by delegating box organization to the best Tetris-player. Load heavy furniture first, followed by stacks of heavy boxes to keep furniture in place. Place old bed sheets or blankets between furniture and the sides of the truck to avoid breakage, scuffs or dents.
    Success and a new all time High score!
    We know moving is stressful. It takes a lot of planning and even more work to move. But that doesn’t mean moving has to be a nightmare. We hope our moving advice will help your move be successful and stress-free…every time!

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