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    How to Winterize Your Home Part 1

    Winter is coming and it’s time to make sure that you and your home are prepared to stay warm in these upcoming chilling months. Focusing on keeping the heat in and the cold out are the smartest ways to keep that energy bill low and the winter chills away.

    Frosted Windows

    The two most common places where heat commonly escapes are windows and doors. Older windows are prone to having heat escape thru the thin panes or sneaking out through a hole in the window frame. Also drafty doors that don’t fit snug as a bug have been know to let heat out like it’s going out of style and racking up that electricity bill.

    For those older windows that are known for being energy wasters, it’s smart to add extra insulation. There are two easy ways to add insulation that are both budget and security deposit friendly. Large bubble plastic wrap can be applied directly to windows to create another layer of insulation that is easily removed for those warmer months.

    Bubble Wrapped Window

    Bubble Wrap Insulation” by Eric is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Alternatively, thicker insulation curtains can be hung behind regular curtains to keep the chills away and not put a damper on your décor. Insulation curtains can be taken from home to home, and can be hung on the pre-existing curtain rods so they might be worth the investment for those living where the winters are crueler and colder than Cruaella de Vil.

    Winter Curtains

    Once the windows have been insulated, it’s important to stop the drafts where the heat can escape. These drafts most commonly will be found around doors and windows. Draft stoppers are an easy and cost effect way to block those drafts during winter months. They are easily DYI and can be customized to match your décor sense.

    If any heat stealing drafts are coming from around the windows or door frames, it’s probably worth mentioning to your landlord so they at least can provide the supplies, and seal those heat sucking window and doors frames cracks with caulking. Rope caulking is a non-messy alternative to traditional caulking.

    Frosted Door

    Fireplaces, electrical outlets and under-utilized rooms are additional places to consider when trying to reduce drafts during those winter months. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas for how to winterize your home, minimize heat loss and reduce your heating bill.

    Tune in next week for more on How to Winterizing Your Home!


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