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    How to Winterize Your Home Part 2

    Now that the windows and doors are snug and any daft drafts are dealt with, it’s time to focus on a few other ways to cut those winter heating bills. (If not, check out Part 1 for tips and tricks to winterizing doors and windows.)

    Humidity may not be your hair’s best friend in the summer, but in the winter it’s an easy way to bring the temperature up a few degrees. A humidifier is an easy place to start, as the added moisture makes the air warmer.

    If purchasing a humidifying is not in the budget, by placing a shallow pan on a radiator or in close proximity to a heating vent works as an alternate budget friendly option. Also by simply leaving the bathroom door open during a nice steamy shower, the steam is able to escape and warm the house up a few degrees . However, the practicality of this easy solution does depend on how close and comfortable you are with your roommates.

    If you have one of those old radiators, covering thick cardboard with aluminum foil allows for the heat to be reflected back and gets you twice the bang for your buck.  However, if you are lucky to have the more modern thermostat then it’s smart to set the thermostat to a day and night temperature.  By setting a lowered temperature for evenings, or when the house is empty, can reduce your heating bill.


    “Thermostat” by Aine is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    By not cranking the heat and throwing on an extra pair of socks, allows you to reduce your energy bill and get the mosre use out of those warm wool socks. Cozy sweaters, fluffy slippers and fleece sweatpants are not just fashion statements but are essential to keeping you warm during the winter season. By wearing an extra layer around your house, you are able to leave the thermostat a few degrees lower and keep a few more pennies in the bank. Fuzzy rugs also help to protect your feet from those cold hardwood, tile or basement floors.


    Opening windows during those sunny winter days is smart by letting the sunshine warm more than just your soul. It’s a great use of the sun’s thermal energy. Just be sure to close the curtains once the sun has gone done, as you don’t want the heat to easily escape thru your windows. Also a ceiling fan’s direction can be reversed to push warm air down during those chilly months. Making those ceiling fans useful in more than just those summer months.


    Leaving the oven open after cooking some soul food allows that heat to dissipate throughout the home and allows for that oven heat to be used for some additional good. Space heaters are an easy way to keep your toesies warm well hitting those books late into the winter nights. By only heating the air in your immediate vicinity, energy isn’t wasted heated unused space.  For those really pinching the pennies, it’s even possible to build space heaters from clay flower pots and tea lights. These flower pot heaters can heat spaces for only pennies a day. Check out our Pinterest board for DYI directions on how to make your own clay flower pot heater.

    If none of these ideas seem to warming you thru to the core, try a hot beverage. Hot chocolate, spiced cider or peppermint mocha will keep you fingers warm and make those long nights of studying more enjoyable.


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