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    Making Your Rental Homey Part 2

    Another great way to bring life to any rental and make it homier is by strategically placing plants around the space.  Not only do they add color, life and personality, but they can actually reduce stress and give you a sense of pride for taking care of an actual living thing.


    There are certain plants that have been proven to purify the air and release fresh oxygen into any space, and oxygen has been shown to reduce stress.  So an easy way to freshen the stale air of your rental place would be to add one of these air purify plants.  For those who are already stressing at the idea of trying to keep a plant alive, there are many low maintenance plants that will match your plant care comfort level and varieties that require little sunlight for those darker rental spaces.


    Terrarium by Sonny Abesamis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Not only are succulents, cacti, air plants and terrariums all the home décor rage, but they are a pretty low maintenance plant family that will not take time away from those all important studies.  Pre-assembled terrariums can be pricey but they are easy enough to make yourself and only require a few items that can be found at your local hardware or craft stores.  Check out our Pinterest board for tips and tricks for making your own terrarium.

    It could also be fun to host a terrarium party, where the cost of the big items like dirt, pebbles and activated charcoal could be split between everyone. Maybe even splitting a flat of plants so there is a good variety available for each party-par-taker. Then each person would be required to bring their own terrarium containers and any little personal details they may wish to add. Put on some good tunes and let the good times roll. You are only limited by your own creativity.


    Herb gardens are another great way to add life into your apartment and they are easy enough to fit into any small spaces plus are super budget friendly. One of the best parts about an herb garden, besides the easy access to fresh herbs, is that many household items can be up-cycled into herb garden pots without having to spend a dime. Meaning you don’t have to go out a buy special pots. Chipped mugs, empty tea tins, colanders, muffin tins and mason jars are just a few common household items that can easily be used to create your own herb garden.  Not only are herb gardens easy to care for, but who doesn’t love being able to add their favorite fresh herb to any meal.

    The idea of using common household items goes beyond just herb gardens and can extend to any of your planting wants with a little bit of creativity. Old rain boots, toy dump trucks and tool boxes all make excellent, unique and interesting planters. You don’t need to go out and buy fancy planters that break the budget to make a statement.

    plant in tea cup

    Lastly, for those who love the idea but are still terrified by their apparent black thumb, fake plants are a suitable alternative. Long gone are they days where fake plants are super obvious and tacky, as much higher quality fake plants are available. This is something that you will be able to move with you from rental space to rental space. So if you are know to kill anything just by looking at it, even that lucky bamboo your mother gave you last year for Christmas but want some greenery in your rental space, this could be the best option for you.

    Check out our Pinterest board Making Your Rental Homey – Part 2 for tips and tricks for making your own terrarium, what indoor plants purify air, planter ideas and care tips for keeping your plants alive.

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