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    Making Your Rental Homey Part 4

    No matter how thrifty of a thrift store shopper you may be, it’s hard to fully furnish an entire apartment and not have to spend some money on a few things.  It’s pretty much inevitable that you will have to make a few purchases to really finish off the rental space. You just need to be smart and make these purchases really count.

    When spending money to furnish a rental, remember to think about the essentials and how these items will move with you to your next rental space. Rugs, mirrors, throw pillow and shower curtains are all items you will need that can add instant personality and be easily transported when you move.

    A shower curtain is a great example of this as it is a necessary item and can quickly add pop to an otherwise basic boring bathroom. They come in so many varieties and style; it’s easy enough to find one that matches your personal style without having to drop a fortune.

    The same can be said for rugs which are particularly useful for hiding those unsightly rental carpet stains or just plain ugly rental flooring. Rugs can be used on top of any flooring surface to add extra warmth to a space and are additionally great for keeping your feet warm on those cold basement suite floors. They also can provide additional sound dampening for your impromptu dance parties and minimize those complaints from the tenant below you who seems to possess Vulcan hearing.

    orange and white rug close up

    Just as rugs add warmth, throw pillows are an easy way to add comfort, color and texture to a rental space.  You don’t need to buy fancy expensive pillows, as many fun and funky pillow designs are available online for very reasonable prices. It’s smart to invest in some basics solids or graphic design pillow and add one or two trendier pillows that your can replace when your style changes.  Mix matched pillows can really give a rental space that homey lived in feel.

    throw pillows

    Mirrors are a great way of bring light and openness into small rental spaces. A quality mirror can be a little pricey but it’s worth it to be able to see the leftover spinach salad in your teeth before you run out the door to meet a friend for coffee. Also, mirrors are versatile in that there is rarely a room that does not benefit from adding a mirror to the space.  Mirror in the bedroom, yup! Mirror in the living room, for sure! Mirror in the kitchen, why not!

    If you are going to be spending money on bigger pieces of furniture, it’s smart to know which ones will be your big money pieces and keep your shopping within budget. Want to get a nice dresser? Then it’s probably smart to pass on the super expensive chair that will get buried in clothes anyways. Avoid oversized furniture, furniture that doesn’t disassemble or anything that is super specific to your space now. You want to be able to take these pieces with you to your next home and you want to do that with ease.

    Really, whenever you are investing money into home décor for your rental, it’s important to think about versatility and functionality. Found an ottoman that works as a coffee table and storage space? That’s a triple score and maybe worth spending a little extra money on. However, there are endless ways to transform cheaper basic items and personalize them to give them that designer feel while not breaking the budget.


    For inspiration on ways to personalize mirrors, rugs and throw pillows check out our Pinterest board: Making Your Rental Homey Part 4.

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