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    New Year, New Home – Organizing Your Home in the New Year

    Rubbermaid Products is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    The start of a new year is often a time for of fresh starts and new resolutions. Going to the gym and eating well are great resolutions and some resolutions are harder to keep than others. Decluttering the house and reorganizing those cupboards that have fallen into chaos is an easier resolution that doesn’t mean braving the cold, packing in packed gyms or visits to your local health food stores.

    As many renters aren’t lucky enough to have the giant kitchens, glamorous bathroom and sprawling bedrooms from home and garden magazines and settle for much smaller abodes. In most rental homes, counter and cupboard space are at a premium, so creative and unique use of space is crucial in these small spaces.


    In the kitchen, making use of the under-countered space allows to clear off additional space.  By suspending a towel rod on the underneath of kitchen cupboards, kitchen tools can be moved from the counter and hung from the rod. Similarly, the usually unused sides of kitchen cupboards can be spruced up with either hooks or a towel rod to create more on-hand storage for cutting boards or cooking strainers.

    Spice cupboards tend to fall to chaos and there are many creative ways to store spices that won’t take up too much prime cupboard space. Magnetic jars can be attached to a fridge for a fun and funky alternative to the classic spice rack, and no counter space need be sacrificed.

    Custom FIll It Yourself Magnetic Spice Rack (set of 10 empty jars to fill with your own spices). Personalized with hand-stamped lids.

    “Custom Fill It Yourself Magnetic Spice Rack” by Wicker Paradise is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Strategic use of plastic bins can be used to organize cupboards.  Long bins allow for you to pull out and view items in the cupboards with ease, without having to pull out and disorganized the previously organized cupboards. Dish drying racks can be used to organize the storage of the universal disaster that is known as Tupperware cupboard and this allows for easy access to pack up those leftovers.

    Similar plastic bins can be used in tiny rental bathroom or laundry room. Plastic bins can be used to organize under the bathroom sink or add additional storage space.  Creative use of storage supplies is always encouraged to meet those unique storage needs of a rental space. Use of a hanging shoe rack on the back of the laundry room door is an excellent place to store your cleaning supplies and allows for the quick draw in case of a cleaning emergency.


    Cleaning Product Organizer

    “Cleaning Product Organizer” by Hey Paul Studios is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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