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    Spooktactular DIY Halloween Décor

    With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s a great time of year for some creepy fun and perfectly spooky DIY projects. Even for those who are afraid to DIY, as Halloween is a season all about scares, it’s the perfect time to try and conquer those fears with easy to make Halloween décor.

    Ghosts, mummies, and bats, oh my, are classics and can easily give off that haunted Halloween vibe. There are many ideas available for creating these classic Halloween creatures, where skill level and budget need not be high, but enthusiasm is encouraged!

    From cutting up paper plates, reusing milk cartons and getting creative with cheese cloth, the ideas to create ghosts are endless.


    It’s easy enough to wrap any object in white streamers or toilet paper and viola, instant mummy. Mason jars or front doors are an easy places to start the mummification. Add some craft store googly eyes to really bring your mummy to life.  Easily create a colony of bats made of black paper and suspended at different heights from fishing line to really get the swarming bat affect. Alternatively, cut out bat silhouettes can be placed inside lamp shades to make an eerie bat lamp.

    Creepy crawlers, spiders and the creatures of the night cannot be forgotten!  A dollar store package of spiders and or other bugs has so many creepy possibilities.

    A swarm of cockroaches escaping from an air vent or a trail of spiders across a wall is likely to give more then just Ron Weasley the heebie jebbies. Create your own spider web using a garbage bag if you want to mix it up from the traditional fake dollar store spider webs, but honestly, that stuff is pretty awesome when used correctly.  It can also be fun to display these creepy crawlers in jars, under domes or in a taxidermy like style for a sublet grotesque factor around the home.

    glow in the dark spider

    However, creepy isn’t the be all and end all for Halloween, cute can be just as much fun! For pumpkins, adorable painted woodland creatures, mini unicorns or BB-8 are super fun, no carving necessary. These ideas add that fun Halloween touch without the messy pumpkin guts. With some paint and other scrape materials, the options for painted pumpkins are unlimited and this is a great mix up on the classic carved pumpkin.

    painted pumpkin

    Creating front door or window monsters are a sure bet to add some easy whimsy. Using thick dark paper and the inside house lights, fun monster silhouettes can be created. Funky monsters, haunted trees or a murder of crows would be easy scenes to create in almost any window.  Fun door monsters, cardboard tombstones or yarn pumpkin garlands are a few more ways to add some Halloween spunk to any space.

    hand silhouettes

    The most important thing of all is to remember to have fun while you DIY your Halloween projects. If your someone who might need a little liquid courage to conquer those DIY fears or add that extra splash of enthusiasm, make sure you use extra caution when manning those sharp crafting scissors or pumpkin carving knives! We don’t want anyone to lose a finger….

    For more Halloween inspiration and ideas check out our Pinterest page Spooktacular DIY Halloween Décor.

    Stay safe, have fun and Happy Halloween

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